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GravLab - Gravitational Testing Facility & Observations

The Gravitational Testing Facility & Observations would like to introduce our new range of gravity modifying appliances!

No matter how fast or how heavy your objects are, we can move them! Save money and time by replacing your entire human workforce with automated appliances from GravLab!

Currently awaiting regulatory approval, we invite you to visit our testing facility and give them a go!

Please be aware that strong gravitational forces can cause severe brain damage! Never look directly at the emitted particles! While we tried our best to avoid the creation of micro wormholes, please never try to stack gravitational objects. All damages to the time and space continuum and involved repair cost will be passed on to you!

Our testing facility has limited amount of gravitation resistant controllers, so please bring your own Steam VR headset when you visit our premises, preferably the HTC Vive.

-- GravLab Management

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Darkfield VR

Space is more fun with friends!
Darkfield is a fast-paced multiplayer dogfighting game with cooperative gameplay. Team up with your Wingmans to shoot down enemy fighters and achieve mission objectives.

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Nighttime Terror

Kill them before they kill you!
Nighttime Terror is a top down shooter inside your childhood nightmares. Fight against your scary toys and compete with other players for the high score!

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Technolust & Technolust: Thought Crimes

You are Big Brother's eyes and ears. Prevent the crime before it's committed... or pay the consequences.

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Immersive Experiences

iANTS - interActive Nature & Terrain Simulation

iANTS is the world's first system that enables an interactive and intuitive experience for a ecosystem-simulation. The user is to choose if he just wants to watch, or actively participate in the changing of the environment.
We want to show the visitor, that actions have direct consequences and create environmental awareness.

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VR Game Design Workshop - for Kids!

in cooperation with Schuelerforschungszentrum Sachsen E.V.
Workshop about Virtual Reality game design, 3d modelling, scripting and advanced AI - for children between the age of 13-17.

This project is funded by the European Union and the Free State of Saxony.

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VR Developer Tools & Platforms

OpenGear - Open Source Mobile Headset

OpenGear emulates a compatible head tracker and can be used with any GearVRâ„¢ app. Start development now and build your own OpenGear! OpenGear is meant for developers to get a head start in GearVRâ„¢ development without waiting for it to be available in their country. This means you can test your own app, use Oculus Home, browse and download new apps from within OpenGear and even enable the pass-through mode.

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GearVR Note4 DeviceID Grabber

Handy tool for GearVR developers.
GearVR Note4 DeviceID Grabber displays your device id, which is required for signature file creation. It does not need root. This is not an official app.

Sideload VR

SideloadVR builds custom GearVR .apks that include the user's signature file. This means that developers can share their ideas without going through Oculus Home and the global signing process.

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Mark is a leading developer in VR industry with over 5 years VR development experience as well as 10 years of experience in software development.

Mark Schramm

Dipl. Inf.

Unity3d Generalist, AI, HCI & Natural User Interfaces, Neural Networks, 360 Video Production

Mark is the founder and lead developer of Virtual Fireflies, a creative content agency focusing on B2B Virtual Reality experiences. He is working closely together with VR hardware manufacturers such as Sony, Google, Samsung, HTC and OculusVR and his clients include consumer hardware companies, interactive content studios and government departments such as the Australian Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade.

Mark is an alumni of the German National Academic Foundation. He holds a Bachelors Degree in Computing and Human Computer Interaction from the Dresden University of Applied Sciences as well as a Graduate Diploma of Computing from the Australian National University.

Industry veteran John Carmack, founder of iD Software, called one of his VR projects "competently done and well executed". Mark has won several awards in the VR industry, including a Proto Award of the Virtual Reality Foundation. During his career, he has published several critically acclaimed VR experiences.



Mark Schramm
ABN 62 871 180 937
+61 449 730 357